what is a gazebo

Gazebos: Features, Types & Benefits

What Is a Gazebo?

Gazebos are upstanding, free-open structure with a roof that owners typically place on a patio, deck, or another area of their backyards or gardens. A patio gazebo is a good way to add some innovative living space to your yard, whether for relaxing with family, enjoying meals, ducking into the shade, or entertaining visitors. They come in a variety of sizes or shapes, making it easy to find one that fits your unique style and backyard design. Metal or wood can be used to make gazebos, with metal being a more durable option that won’t surrender to the elements or insect rush. Easy to brush and maintain, metal gazebos require only a periodic hose-down to keep them dust-free and looking fine in your backyard.

To add a sense of enclosure and isolation, fretwork or outdoor curtains or covers are sometimes used. In a lawn setting, a gazebo can serve as a center-focused something to be viewed and appreciated in a location on a property that offers eyeshots while protecting from the sun. 

Features Of Gazebos

You can create an attractive gazebo that serves your purpose and offers shade and relaxation. A gazebo is meant to protect you from certain elements while giving you the best of resting outdoors. Here are some characteristic features that you find in most gazebos that you will encounter before building gazebos.

  1. Concrete Base

Gazebos is an outdoor shade arrangement exposed to the different elements of weather that can be damaging at times. For instance, you may be prone to encountering weather elements like heavy winds and even tiny floods at given times. To overcome this, you have to build a gazebo with a strong base to stay put. Therefore, any outdoor structure needed to be constructed firmly with a brick base or anything sturdy that will hold in case of floods, rains, or high winds.

The concrete foundation supports the wood you will use to erect the structure. The free-standing structure might not support any attachment to a wall or fence. The gazebo is located in open spaces.

  1. Completely Open Sides

One of the key differences that might be the most significant difference in terms of structure between a gazebo and other structures is the open sides. A gazebo is meant to be divulged in the gardens and give an open 360-degree view of the landscape while offering a private space. The seating area should be open and huge enough to have a full view while at the same time offering much-needed privacy when you are out enjoying in your backyard or garden. The main goal of a gazebo is to provide shelter and shade while offering a glazing view of your surrounding. Therefore, this structure needs to have sides that allow you to enjoy your favorite scene in your backyard or garden. While you want to have a grand view of the landscape, privacy is the key. You can build outdoor curtains or covers to make the view inwards a bit limited.

  1. Vantage Positioning

When positioning the gazebo, do not place it very close to the garden wall where you will not have the best views. You need to position the gazebo in a place with all the views covered for your enjoyment. You can see the whole yard from where you are seated. One way of choosing a better position is to look at the highest spot you can find in your yard or garden. All the walkways or paths from all sides of your backyard should lead to that one central point, which is the gazebo. If the central spot is not the most convenient one, you can look at the corners of the yard. Corners offer considerable views which are still good enough for anyone looking to enjoy nature. However, the main difference between a gazebo, seating area, and other structures like a patio is the singularity that a gazebo offers that a deck will not. 

  1. Chairs

Outdoor furniture ideas are among the most searched topics and gazebos are the best choices with so much to offer ideas for placing outdoor furniture to extend your living space from just a decoration to something useful. Garden gazebos offer the same composure as a patio or a seating area to give a calming feeling. The only addition of a gazebo is that it will offer supreme privacy when you need it the most. You can have chairs or seats to rest with your family or have some alone time.

A gazebo is a comfortable place. You can find gazebos on camping sites with serene views as well. 

  1. Full Roof

A gazebo protects you from sun heat and keeps harmful UV rays away. A strong solid roof is vital for the gazebo because it might house other decorative elements such as pots, climbing plants, vines, and dreamcatchers. Solid roofs are as important and you can not manage without them. Any outdoor structure must have a well-thought-out roof that bears strong winds and heavy rains.

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Types of Gazebos

If you want to add a gazebo to your living space, several different features go into designing it. You need to select the gazebo shape, material, roofing type, roof style, and any additional accessories. 

Gazebos Shapes

The first step to adding a gazebo to your backyard is adjusting the size of your outdoor living area. After you find a place well-suited for installing the structure, next you’ll decide what shape you would like.  Gazebos typically have four different shapes. These shapes include a rectangle, octagon, dodecagon, or oval gazebo. That last option may sound new to you, but a dodecagon gazebo simply means the gazebo will have 12 sides. The Dodecagon gazebo is typically larger.

Wood vs Vinyl Material

Once you’ve selected the shape, it’s time to think about what material you want your gazebo to be fixed. There are lots of benefits and downsides to either a wood or vinyl gazebo. One is not essentially better than the other material, it is just a matter of what style you want to enjoy using more and how much maintenance you gonna do. A wooden gazebo has a lavish, handcrafted look that uniquely accents any outdoor living area. However, with time you may need to paint it or stain it again and again to keep it looking fresh. Wood is a good option and can address different weather conditions as well. 

Vinyl is also a great option, and if you want a modern-day look. However, it will likely require power washing over time if you live in an area with high humidity. Mold can grow more rapidly in humid conditions, and cleaning it periodically will keep it looking great over time. 

Roofing Material for Gazebos

A gazebo roof can have quality cedar shingles, rubber shingles, or asphalt shingles in multiple colors offering some benefits. 

Asphalt shingles are easy installation options that come in a variety of colors and are affordable. Rubber shingles are extremely durable materials that are low-cost and less likely to crack in extreme weather. Cedar shingles are one of the strongest materials that offer wind-resistance roofing with a classy and attractive look.

Before roof material selection, it’s important to match the colors with the rest of the home look. Be sure to ask what colors complement your gazebo and other features of your home.

Where Gazebos are Used?

Gazebos are a handsome addition to any yard or lawn, allowing you to enjoy your garden year-round, regardless of the weather type. Adding a gazebo to your deck or patio will create the perfect outdoor spring where you can enjoy it with family and friends all year round. 

For Outdoor Dining

Whether for a family lunch, or a dinner party with friends, a patio gazebo is the exemplary setting for your outdoor dining adventure. The rooftop of the gazebo will provide plenty of shade so everyone can enjoy their snack without the sun beating down on them. Adding a table and chairs, a fire pit, grill, and you’ll have a cozy, inviting area for all your outdoor dining areas.

As an Outdoor Den

One great way to use a backyard gazebo is as an outdoor den. With dining chairs, a sofa, an outdoor rug, and an end table you’ll have the perfect place to read a good book when it’s time to calm down. Or if you have kids at home, they’ll love having their secret refuge where they can play with their toys and spend time outdoors in the shadow. A backyard gazebo can also be used as an office area. If you work from home/remotely or own a small business, a gazebo is an ideal place to set up a work area for inspecting your to-do list or joining online meetings. It also provides privacy from neighbors and walkers but still allows light into the territory for optimum productivity.

As an Outdoor Viewing Room

If you have a slide projector and speakers, you can set up your patio gazebo as the perfect place for a family or friend movie night. This gives you the amusement of being at the theater without having to leave your place. Suppose you want to throw a birthday party or other event out in your yard. In this case, you can fix your patio gazebo as a themed area for photos, create an outdoor bar for cocktail hour, or use your gazebo for special events not only films but also the awards shows, or the debut of your favorite production.

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Tips for Gazebos Maintenance

You can truly enjoy the gazebo if you properly take care of it over time. There are several tips for taking care of a gazebo, but below are the most important ones you should adopt.

  • Clear any brush, shoots, and dirt off the gazebo when you notice it piling up.
  • Wash the gazebo when necessary and keep it clean.
  • Rid the webs of any pest nests and nets to keep undesired visitors from building their nests.
  • Check your gazebo, remove all the stains, and repair any damages as soon as possible when you notice them.

By just setting up a routine maintenance plan, you can make sure the aesthetic appeal of your property lasts for more years.  

Benefits Of Gazebos

Gazebos are the best choices for outdoor designs. They’re also a great idea if you want to offer family and friends shade and shelter from sun or rain, without having to fix an expensive addition. Gazebos provide several benefits and some of the most important are as follows.

They provide shade

Gazebos offer shade from sun exposure and heat, which makes them best for use during summer days. They can protect from direct sunlight, which makes them best when you want to enjoy the outdoors without getting scorched or exposed to damaging UV rays. Even on heavy rainy days or in the cold winter months, you can also use a gazebo as an outdoor room where you can calm down with friends while appreciating nature’s beauty at its best.

They help keep bugs away

Mosquito netting is the best way to keep insects away while enjoying your yard gazebo. It protects from flies, mosquitoes, and other bugs without blocking your view or interfering with your activities. Gazebo curtains to your gazebo is a great option if you want additional protection from pests and other outdoor elements. The curtains also offer privacy, shade, and protection from the elements.

They offer backyard privacy

Gazebos are best for adding privacy in otherwise open spaces, such as an outdoor patio or decking area because they blur undesirable views into your yard or lawn. An attractive gazebo will give you a private space to enjoy your outdoor activities without spying eyes in your backyard.

Gazebo offer flexibility

From having a morning tea outdoors to enjoying backyard parties with shade and seating for your visitors, your gazebo provides flexible living space for all your want. With all of the distinct uses for gazebos, adding a patio gazebo could be one of the finest investments you’ll ever do. It allows you to extend your living space beyond the walls of your home to the backyard in numerous ways.

Gazebo are built strong

Gazebos are built to last long, with a strong aluminum frame and either a galvanized steel roof or a heavy polyester, soft-top roof. No matter what type of weather it is, a gazebo can withstand all. The powder-coated finishing is exceptionally durable, resisting chipping, stripping, rusting, and corrosion, making them better than any kind of wood structure. 

Gazebo increase curb appeal

The addition of a soft-top or hard-top gazebo to your yard is the best way to boost curb appeal and likely your property value. If you’re thinking of selling your home or in the future, a backyard gazebo may help persuade potential buyers to make a great offer. And with more and more people constructing their home searches online, you can gain an edge by including some unique photos of your yard gazebo. If you’re looking for a technique to improve your house’s curb appeal, then a gazebo addition is just what you need.

Difference Between a Gazebo & a Pergola 

The main structural difference between a gazebo and a is the roof. A gazebo has a hardened, covered shelter, whereas a pergola features a more trellis-like structure of interconnecting wooden or metal bars. If you’re seeking full shade or overhead coverage, a gazebo is the way to go. If you want to enjoy the sunshine in winter, a pergola might be ideal for you. Gazebos and pergolas are both outdoor structures that can significantly enhance your outdoor spaces. 

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