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Tailored Outdoor Solutions in Petaluma, CA: Bringing Your Vision to Life

Landscape Design & Remodeling Services

At Keystone Yards in Petaluma, we understand that your home's beauty extends beyond its interior. We provide a comprehensive suite of services designed to elevate your outdoor areas into stunning, functional environments that reflect your personal style and meet your needs. Our team excels in everything from meticulous masonry to vibrant landscaping, ensuring every project aligns with your vision and enhances your overall living experience.

Outdoor Design

Every memorable outdoor project starts with a vision. In Petaluma, our Outdoor Design service is dedicated to turning your dreams into reality. Whether you envision a tranquil garden sanctuary or a bustling entertainment area, our designers work closely with you to develop plans that not only meet your desires but also integrate seamlessly with Petaluma’s beautiful natural surroundings.


Our Masonry services in Petaluma focus on creating durable, impactful structures. From crafting elegant stone pathways and robust outdoor kitchens to setting up cozy fire pits and chic pool decks, our masonry experts emphasize precision and longevity. We also incorporate practical solutions like advanced drainage systems to ensure your outdoor spaces are as functional as they are beautiful.


Discover the timeless beauty of wood with our Carpentry services. Our skilled carpenters in Petaluma build exquisite, long-lasting wooden structures such as decks, fences, pergolas, gazebos, and trellises, enhancing the natural charm of your outdoor spaces while ensuring they stand the test of time.


With our Landscaping services, we merge the art of design with the essence of nature, transforming your outdoors into vibrant, serene retreats. From peaceful water features and resilient synthetic turf to a variety of plant installations and precise soil grading, our offerings are comprehensive. We also provide specific services like mulching, lawn installation, and irrigation systems, all integrated into a cohesive landscape transformation.

Additional Services

We know that a complete transformation of your outdoor spaces in Petaluma demands meticulous attention to every detail. Our additional services include advanced outdoor electrical and lighting setups, exterior plumbing work, and the installation of efficient irrigation and gas lines, ensuring every aspect of your landscape is meticulously crafted.

Our Signature Process

  • Initiation & Consultation

    The genesis of every remarkable design is rooted in dialogue. Our preliminary consultation serves as a platform to delve into your aspirations, while also allowing us to acquaint ourselves with the nuances of the site.

  • Blueprint & Design Development

    Drawing from our initial discussions, we meticulously fashion a comprehensive design blueprint. Enhanced with 3D visualizations, this plan offers you a glimpse into the eventual transformation, making the abstract tangible.

  • Bringing Vision to Reality

    With a brigade of adept professionals at our helm, we transition from design to reality, ensuring each facet mirrors the precision and finesse we're renowned for.

  • Continued Engagement & Followup

    To us, our relationship doesn't culminate post-installation. We cherish our continued engagement, extending guidance on maintenance and ensuring that the final creation aligns seamlessly with your vision.

Why Choose Keystone Yards?

When you choose Keystone Yards, you're opting for a legacy of unparalleled excellence. Our dedication to impeccable quality shines through in each project we embrace. By marrying the finest materials with cutting-edge design methodologies, we sculpt outdoor masterpieces that not only captivate but also endure the test of time.

Ready to get started?

We believe that a successful project begins with a highly-detailed plan. Whether you're envisioning a specific design or seeking creative inspiration, connect with us. Our expert designers are here to guide you seamlessly through the journey.

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Ready to get started?

If you’re looking to transform your outdoor area into an extraordinary extension of your home, call us at (415) 535-4856 for a free consultation and 3D rendering of your proposed design. At Keystone Yards, we're committed to realizing every detail of your outdoor dream in Petaluma.

Keystone Yards is an outdoor remodeling contractor that specializes in masonry, carpentry, & creative landscaping for both residential & commercial properties.

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