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Synthetic Turf Specifications & Maintenance

Synthetic Turf Specifications

In purchasing synthetic turf, you must know the specifications such as pile height and density that directly affects the lifespan of grass and its performance.  

This article highlights the five important artificial grass attributes needed to help you make a choice. These are Pile height, density, backing, gauge, and stitch rate.  

Pile Height

Pile height is the length of the grass yarn measured from the bottom where it is linked to the backing to the very top of the yarn. Pile height has a direct impact on the aesthetic side of the surface, as well as its continuity. Normally pile height is measured in millimeters (mm). Different pile heights give different artificial grass characteristics.

Choosing the right grass for your garden depends on the foot traffic you are going to have.  The high pile height grass may flatten easier compared to another one with a shorter pile height.


Another important artificial grass attribute is Dtex, which is a measure of yarn strength. To measure the density or linear mass of a fiber we use a unit called tex. Dtex is one-tenth of tex and it gives linear mass per 10,000 meters of fiber in grams. 

Dtex of synthetic grass shows how much the yarn with definite density weighs. Dtex makes a big difference in the density, longevity, and face weight of your yarn. Lower Dtex means less density and performance quality. 

Stitch Rate

The stitch rate is an important synthetic turf attribute. It is determined by the number of stitches found in a square meter of synthetic grass. The higher stitch rate means it is harder to notice the ends of the backing material, which makes the grass denser and more long-lasting. 


Gauge is another important indicator that is based on the distance between different yarns or fibers in artificial turf. 


Density is calculated easily if we know the gauge and stitch rate of artificial turf. Density is measured by multiplying the stitch rate and the Gauge. But how does density affect the quality of the grass? The higher artificial grass density means more fibers it has which leads to higher durability and quality. 

The pile height, dtex, gauge, and stitch fee collectively are attributes that impact the artificial grass face weight.

Backing  in Synthetic Turf

The backing is also an important indicator in the artificial grass specifications list. The backing is responsible for keeping all the turf altogether, making sure enough air permeates through it. The backing makes it easy for layers of turf to be transported and laid across your surfaces. 

The backing is two-sided, primary backing and secondary backing. Let us discuss these terms one by one.

Primary backing

The primary backing is generally made up of woven polypropylene fabrics. Polypropylene allows the synthetic grass fibers to be tufted into the fabric in rows and makes the process of seaming among synthetic grass patches easier.

Secondary backing

The secondary backing keeps the fibers or yarn together in place and it’s done after the primary backing. This side of the synthetic grass faces the ground side and even though you don’t see it, it is important to keep the grass attached for a more natural feel. 

Polyurethane and Latex coating are not unfamiliar coatings for artificial grass. Polyurethane packing assures better performance. But it is costly.

What is DTEX Synthetic Grass?

Dtex Grass Basic Function 

Dtex grass is manufactured for fitting in places like shopping malls, playgrounds, and sports fields where foot traffic is high. It also assures a beautiful thick outcome once you get your Dtex grass fixed in place. Dtex grass is the best addition to your lawn.

Dtex grass attributes and advantages

  1. Dtex grass has a longer lifetime due to its high-density nature that covers your whole surface. It is hard to wear out easily due to its increased wear resistance feature.
  2. Dtex grass also performs better and its standing ability grants enhanced beauty in your zone. It is therefore difficult for the grass to become flat even when exposed to running traffic.
  3. This product does not wilt or degrade since it is made from the best synthetic material.

Guide for Synthetic Lawn Maintenance

The benefits of landscaping with synthetic grass include keeping you away from the hassle of maintenance and removal of weeds regularly. Here are some tips for maintaining and keeping it lively and safe for a long period. 

Remove debris and trash 

Most importantly you need to remove any kind of blow over, dirt, and debris from your garden. Leaves, stones, or any other kind of trash can enter your garden and your duty is to remove it regularly. If it is only light stuff like leaves, you can use a blower to keep them away. You may have to pick stones up either manually or you can use a poker for this purpose. 

Advance cleaning of artificial turf

Regular rain is sufficient for keeping grass neat and clean for a long period. However, cleaning with a hose is necessary to keep it in good condition once in a while. But do hose cleaning only if you feel a real amount of dirt. If you notice any kind of stain on its surface, use mild soap for cleaning. Avoid using harsh chemicals directly as they can corrode and harm the grass.

Avoid stains and burns 

Though you can clean stubborn stains like that of cigarettes it is advisable to avoid them completely for safety. Materials like acid, lubricant, grease, and motor oil can permanently damage turf. So keep these things away.

Protection from snow

If you live in a place where it snows regularly then you might have to clean it by just dusting away the light layer of it. If the snow is deep, remove the top layers using a shovel or blower.

These easy-to-do lawn maintenance tips would help you take care of your synthetic turf without burden. 

Key Points to Choose the Best Synthetic Turf

Fire resistant

Before placing an order for artificial turf, check whether it is fire-resistant or not. As many times you put a bonfire in the garden or smoke, it should be safe in such cases. Such artificial lawns can catch fire if there is a danger of lightning or a natural disaster. To ensure safety you must buy fireproof artificial grass.

Test of strong chemicals

Play areas and lawns are the places where kids and pets spend most of their time. In addition, you also spend a few hours on a shiny winter morning. Thus, your synthetic grass must be free from toxic chemicals. Before you buy such turf, make sure to have chemical-free grass. It will provide a healthier atmosphere to all people who enjoy such turf. 

Place of Grass Manufacturing

In the markets, you may find some cheap low-quality synthetic turf. These grasses have a very short life span and are of poor quality. Moreover, buying such grasses will make you upset. It will be best for you to buy the best quality grasses which are UV-stabilized having high-quality materials that can combat UV rays. 

Warranty of Plastic Grass

Many companies sell the best quality grass turf along with a warranty for fixing in case of any damage. Considering this, before buying even at reasonable prices, you can grasp the warranty on synthetic grasses. Moreover, you must inquire about the period of the warranty that you can savor. Therefore, it is important to inquire about the warranty before you buy synthetic grasses. 

Backing off the synthetic turf

Always check the backing of the grass to ensure the best quality. Backing grass turf has a primary and secondary layer. Apart, the primary layer is formed from superior quality material which is generally plastic and the second layer is the latex surface which is attached to the primary surface with glue. Verify both layers and then make the final decision. 

Feel good factor

Whenever you buy artificial grasses for lawn decoration, you look for comfort and a praiseworthy appearance. To meet such expectations you need to check the texture of grass turf to find the best pieces to get a feel-good factor.

By keeping the above-mentioned things in mind, you are no more dependent on others while buying better quality lawn artificial grasses. 

Affordable synthetic turf price

Once you are ready to install grass on your lawn, you need to check the prices of artificial grasses. Now, it is easy for you to get the best because you can find many online stores selling grass for your lawn. After comparison, you can place an order where you can find the best quality synthetic grasses at reasonable prices.

How to Clean Artificial Turf at Home?

Currently, using synthetic grass that looks like organic grass is in fashion. Unlike actual grass, which needs regular care and attention, it is easy to install and manage. Just because artificial grass is low-maintenance synthetic grass does not mean that you do not need to take care of it. You should seek various considerations to maintain the look of artificial grass. 

Here are some useful tips and methods you may utilize to maintain the new glossy appearance of synthetic turf for many years.

Getting rid of surface dirt and dust

To maintain an outstanding look, it is necessary to maintain artificial turf properly. Sticks, leaves, dirt, trash, dust, and other debris collects on the grass daily. Gradually, a buildup of dust, trash, and debris may make the grass look lifeless, stiff, overgrown, and dull. You must clean the grass before any particles disintegrate to avoid it being covered in undesirable debris. This increases the cost, time, and effort of rinsing.

The best tools used are a leaf blower, a push broom having solid bristles or a leaf rake. Choose a specific area in the corner of your yard and put all the stored dirt and debris there. It will be easy to remove the dirt and debris after it is all collected. The grass needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

Use a natural solution

Even though artificial grass is less likely than organic grass to contain bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms, there is still a tiny chance of it. On artificial turf, you cannot apply fertilizers or sharp chemicals directly. Therefore, using a solution of vinegar and water on the surface of the grass is best practiced to remove bacteria. Mix half-cup of the vinegar and a half-cup of water in a spray bottle and spray this solution on the contaminated area.

Deal with all weeds

Weeds are tough to remove. To maintain artificial grass looking lively and spotless, you must take care of weeds because they will find weak spots on the edges of the turf. You can apply weed killer, but avoid using fake grass-stained by sharp chemicals in the weed killer. Make sure the weed killer you use has a lower PH. 

Rinse the carpet once

Artificial turf needs to be carefully cleaned to maintain its appearance. Wash the grass carpet at least once a month with light detergent and water for proper maintenance. To avoid destroying the shape of the turf, do not use excessive water pressure. To clean up all the dust and dirt from the lawn, use a pipe or garden hose and water in a circular motion. 

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