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Outdoor Design for Functional Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor designs and home renovation trends both manifest how functional outdoor living spaces have become a prime focus for homeowners. Over the last few years, outdoor spaces like balconies, backyards, and patios have expanded as true living spaces. Outdoor living spaces make homes more delightful and lovely for owners. They also drive our homes more conveniently and are suitable for entertaining guests and once functioned they can serve as a morning coffee spot as well.

From open-air dining rooms to pool houses that double as housing for overnight guests, modern-day outdoor spaces are the expansion of our homes. This year’s biggest interior design trends focus broadly on seamless indoor-outdoor living. A nicely, delicately, and thoughtfully designed outdoor space can smooth your home interior as well. That way, you can amuse everyone from friends to relatives, and make your house more marketable for future buyers.

‘‘A backyard designed to be a little piece of heaven

can remake ordinary time and space into something memorable’’

Treating Outdoor Spaces as an Extension of Our Homes

The outdoor design offers an undeniable level of joy and a few additional fun-loving prints. When outdoor spaces link to a home’s interior, they must be compatible with the aesthetic of the main house. Decorators, designers, creators, and homeowners agree that outdoor entertaining spaces should be comfortable, functional, and reflect the owner’s liking and aesthetic. In short, they must be directed as “outdoor rooms” rather than as separate bodies, completely against the aesthetics of your home.

Designing outdoor space depends on how well the space meshes with the lifestyle lived within your house also.

Key points to keep in mind while designing your outdoor space

A carefully planned outdoor space can be a great source of joy for your family and friends. While designing an outdoor space keep the following tips in mind.

1.   Create spaces evenly – Everyone can use

Considering the scale of architectural details, make sure that outdoor spaces connect to the interior finely and plant a garden that looks charming all year.

Improve indoor-outdoor flow

First, homeowners should consider how guests and residents flow from indoor spaces into outdoor ones. This touches back to the idea that the backyard is an extension of the home. So the important thing to consider is the smooth space from indoors to outdoors. 

Focus on size and scale

Next, homeowners should establish the proper divisions for their outdoor space. Getting the scale right is the hardest thing because you always need more space than you estimate. Carefully consider scale when designing a backyard patio with loggia for clients. This homey space may expand indoor space with a sitting area, outdoor kitchen,  and pool.

The landscape for all seasons

Homeowners should create a garden that welcomes visitors in all seasons. 

            “Most gardens are loaded with blossoms in spring and early summer.” 

However, with a little careful planning, there can be something in a garden to delight the senses at every time of the year. 

Make sure all guests are accounted for

Homeowners should design outdoor spaces with all visitors and residents in mind from all ages. Create a quiet spot for pensive friends with a bench snuggled between woods. Craft a children’s play area differently.

2.  Consider substitutes for traditional spaces 

While designing outdoors, think outside the box. If you purchased a home from a previous owner, remember that traditional functions need not be maintained. While it is important to renown the aesthetics and original elements of the home, spaces can easily be transformed and modified for modern-day living.

One of the outdoor design ideas is expanding your traditional dining room. Rather than opting for a casual outdoor dining set made from wicker or aluminum, consider an intricately embellished traditional dining table.

3.  Consider outdoor space when designing from  the  ground  up 

On our list of outdoor design ideas for entertaining all year is to think about your backyard when designing your new home. One of the first spots we think to renovate and modernize when selling homes is the backyard or the front patio.

After all, front yard curb fascination and backyard green spaces represent two main selling points. Homes with high curb appeal tend to sell for more than average.

Considering the landscaping and functionality of their outdoor spaces when building a home from the ground up is important. Homeowners should never leave outdoor charming spaces as a second thought. Instead, they should work with a landscape design firm to make sure all landscaping has both soft and hard elements and mesh with the home itself.

4.   Reuse & Refinish wherever possible 

Our list of outdoor design ideas includes reusing and refinishing whenever possible. Recent surveys indicate that people care about sustainability more than ever before, particularly, in their product consumption and their activities at home. As such, homeowners are looking for ways to remodel their existing home goods for the greater good. 

Also, bring indoor furniture outside. Not only can you refinish old furniture planned for the outdoors. You can also repurpose indoor furniture like dining chairs, tables, and more for your outdoor living area. To help your indoor furniture withstand the outdoor elements, you might need to refinish that furniture with a weather-resistant sealant, paint, or stain. Do not forget to replace cushions or cover them with performance fabrics.

5.   Prefer weather-resistant fabric when designing          outdoors 

Outdoor design ideas consider choosing comfortable and pleasant yet weather-resistant fabrics in outdoor and transitional spaces. Gone are the days of faded plastic chairs and sticky plastic cushions. Today’s outdoor fabrics range from hard-wearing linens to surprisingly lavish chenilles and velvets and are far from plodding. Though some are ideal for summer air, others are better suited to dry heat. Before you choose a fabric, make sure you know what you’re looking for. Also, consider how your chosen fabric will fare over time.

Choose a fabric that works well for both the patio furniture and furniture throughout the pool deck. Since inmates will retreat to the pool house after swimming, performance fabrics are required in both spaces. 

6.   Small spaces have big impacts 

The average patio measures just over 280-290 square feet. Thereby, small-space solutions are a must for all homeowners. The multi-functional furniture can help you maximize every inch of a small backyard. L-shaped benches and a collection of garden stools are the best examples.

Next, consider framing your space. Use an awning, canopy, or gazebo to create a bosom atmosphere in your small backyard. These outdoor structures and shades add privacy while offering the comforts of an indoor room. Consider landscaping that works effectively in small places. Prefer plants that grow at least 3-4 feet tall and array them to block the view from the road.

7.   Do not ignore outdoor lighting  

Lighting not only provides the atmosphere for pleasing summer evenings but also takes you from season to season. Lighting really can make a room lovely and the same rule applies when you’re decorating a terrace, backyard, deck, or patio. If your home owns a covered patio, consider hanging a trio of pendant lights. In a backyard without any overhangs, point an exterior wall with blush mounts. For a lovely evening filled with light and fun, string lights.

8.  Design for all year round 

Outdoor spaces should be usable all year round. From landscaping that switches with the seasons, flexible choices are key. Fireplaces are just as effective on cool Summer nights as they are during frosty Winter days. Next, homeowners should think about investing in an outdoor kitchen or a grill. Homeowners can continue grilling past summer by switching up their menu, trying their guests, and adding a warm heat lamp.

9.  Keep little ones in mind 

Kids are important guests in any household, but they are especially welcomed during the Summer months. After all, the warm evenings of Summer are some of the best moments. Fortunately, backyards and patios can function just as well for young people while also entertaining kids. 

The first step on the list is to keep the yard natural and there’s often no need to buy specific items for kids to play with. Next, add eccentric paths and create a sensational garden/lawn.

10.   Embrace the history of your home 

Embracing the history of your home means if your home has lots of antique appeals, picking out a modern-day design scheme in your backyard might not work. Appreciating your home’s history provides consistency even as you add modern elements. If you plan to remodel rather than build a new custom home, be sure to look up your home’s architectural details when designing outdoors.

Landscape architecture that reflects your home’s history is another brilliant choice though a more valuable project. Classic landscaping such as climbing roses or a sprawling garden can also root your home in its unique history without costing too much.  

11.   Nourish outdoor kitchen with vegetable garden 

Supplement and nourish your outdoor kitchen or dining room with a seasonal vegetable garden or lawn. Adding an herb garden is another brilliant idea for outdoor bars. If you lack green fingers, consult with a local specialist like a landscape designer or master gardener.

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